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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • EdVenture Club 0.0 What is the Primary Account Holder?

    AUTHORIZED ACCOUNT HOLDER (Primary Account Holder)

    EdVenture Club office is only allowed to share information with the primary account holder or dual account holder(s). Usually the primary account holder is the individual that registered the Eleyo contract. We are unable to answer questions that come from non-primary account holders (i.e. other family members, custodial parent, grandparents, significant others, siblings, non-family members, etc.). 

  • EdVenture Club 0.1: How much does EdVenture Club cost?


  • EdVenture Club 0.2: Who do I contact if I have concerns or questions?

    For general questions, please contact the EdVenture Club office at or 763-241-3544. Parents and guardians are encouraged to give their input regarding the operation of the EdVenture Club program and to thoroughly read the EdVenture Club Policy handbook along with all registration instructions provided when you register for the program. If you have a concern about the program, please use the following grievance order to ensure that the concern is addressed:

    1. Child Care Worker involved
    2. Site Lead
    3. EdVenture Club Program Coordinator assigned to the site
    4. EdVenture Club Central Office
    5. Manager of Extended Day Programs
    6. Director of Community Education and Community Engagement.

    Questions concerning Billing and Scheduling

    1.  EdVenture Club Central Office   Call or email.763-241-3544 or Email is the preferred method of communication for the programs.

    Community Education has an Advisory Council of local citizens to address policies and programs. If you are interested in participating on this council or a specific council for EdVenture Club, please contact the Community Education office at 763-241-3520.

  • EdVenture Club 1.0: How do I register for EdVenture Club?

    1. From 728 Community Education's Eleyo homepage, click 

    2. Create profile and sign in to Eleyo account.
    3. From 728 Community Education's Eleyo homepage, click Register under EdVenture Club program 
    4. Complete registration including providing emergency contacts, selecting childcare schedule, agreeing to EdVenture Club policies and answering registration questions. 
    5. You will receive an email that your schedule has been received. ALL SCHEDULES ARE PENDING UNTIL APPROVED BY EDVENTURE CLUB OFFICE. You will receive another email confirming that your schedule has been approved. 
  • EdVenture Club 1.1: What are the scheduling deadlines?

    Attendance schedules are due by 11:59pm on Mondays two weeks in advance, unless an early due date has been posted. However, we strongly encourage all families to schedule all care that will be needed for the school year when they register for the program.

  • EdVenture Club 1.2: What happens if I miss a registration deadline?

    Attendance schedules submitted after the deadline will automatically be added to a waiting list regardless of the reason why. You will be notified by email only if the childcare site is able to accommodate your child. Late schedules that are approved will be charged a $20 late schedule fee with no exceptions.

  • EdVenture Club 1.3: How do I change my child's EdVenture Club schedule?

    1. CLICK HERE to sign in to EdVenture Club dashboard
    2. Click on the schedule you need to change under "Your Contracts"
    3. Click Change Schedule 

    4. Make changes on schedule and click Submit Contract Schedule Changes
    5. You will receive an email indicating that your request for schedule changes has been received. ALL SCHEDULES ARE PENDING UNTIL APPROVED BY THE EDVENTURE CLUB OFFICE. Requests for additional days of care made after the registration deadline will be added to a waiting list. You will be notified via email if the site is able to accommodate the requested change. 
    6. Primary account holders are not able to change Non School Days that have been approved. They will need to send and email with the Non School Day Date, Child Name, Site and Eleyo account number to by the cancellation deadline.
  • EdVenture Club 1.4: How do I notify EdVenture Club of my child's health, medication and/or special needs?

    You will be able to submit information about your child's health concerns, required medications and/or special needs via the question template completed at the time of registration. If you need to update any of the submitted information after the start of the program (school year or summer care), please contact the EdVenture Club Central office at 

  • EdVenture Club 1.5: How do I register for Non-School Day care?

    3. CLICK HERE to sign in to your EdVenture Club dashboard
    4. Click Register for Non-School Days 
    5. Complete registration including selecting the child who will attend, which program they will attend (Grade K-5 or Discovery Learning Preschool), the days they will attend and the location they will attend. 
    6. You will receive an email that your Non-School Day care request has been received. ALL SCHEDULES ARE PENDING UNTIL APPROVED BY EDVENTURE CLUB OFFICE. Once approved the EdVenture Club office, you cannot cancel days of Non-School Day care). 
    7. If you need to cancel Non-School Day Care that was previously approved, please send an email to with your student's name, location, eleyo account number and the date(s) you are requesting to cancel. Parents cannot submit cancellation requests within their Eleyo account for Non-School Day Care
  • EdVenture Club 1.6: How do I register for Inclement Weather Care?

    1. CLICK HERE to view Inclement Weather Care options; Inclement Weather Care is available at Hassan Elementary, Parker Elementary and Zimmerman Elementary.
    2. Provide registration information including selecting child who will attend, agreeing to policies and answering registration questions (if not already enrolled in EdVenture Club before and/or after school care).
    3. Submit payment for Inclement Weather care: $105 for first child; $93 for additional children. 
  • EdVenture Club 2.1: Is tuition assistance available for EdVenture Club?

    Sliding fee scales, scholarships, etc., are not offered through EdVenture Club. 

    EdVenture Club is approved to receive Child Care Assistance (CCAP) with most counties.

  • EdVenture Club 2.2: How does billing work for EdVenture Club?

    Childcare accounts will be invoiced by 4:30pm on Thursday of the week prior to scheduled attendance week, at which point payments can be submitted via your online Eleyo childcare account (if not enrolled in automatic payments).

    ● Payments are due by 6:00pm on Friday of the week prior to planned attendance week and must be submitted online; cash and check payments will not be accepted. Automatic payments will be processed on Friday morning of the week prior to planned attendance week.

    ● A late payment fee of $20 per week will be automatically applied to your childcare account on the invoice if the balance is not paid 6:00pm on Friday prior to planned attendance week. 

    ● If payment is past due, your child will be removed from future scheduling and not be allowed attend until all payments and late fees are paid.

    Automatic payments are only sent to your bank's institution one time, not multiple times.

    If there is a problem with your automative payment the primary account holder will be sent an email notification at which point you should access your online eleyo account and make a manual payment and also update your automatic payment if needed. 

    Most automatic payments from a credit card or checking account are declined due to insufficient funds, closed accounts or other things of this nature. 

  • EdVenture Club 2.3: How do I make a payment for EdVenture Club (account holder and non account holder)?

    There are many ways to submit payments for EdVenture Club weekly fees:

    1. Automatic payments: If you are enrolled in automatic payments, your saved payment method will be charged on Friday morning of the week prior to attendance week.
    2. Manual payments: CLICK HERE to sign in to your EdVenture Club dashboard and click Pay under Latest Invoice
    3. Quick Pay: CLICK HERE to submit a payment via Quick Pay. Any payer with an 728 Community Ed Eleyo account may use your child's childcare account number to submit a Quick Pay payment. They do not need to be associated with your child's account, making this a convenient option for grandparents or other family members who wish contribute to childcare fees.
  • EdVenture Club 2.3a How to I use Quick Pay option if I am not the Account Holder

    Quick Pay is a feature within the Child Care module that allows people to make a payment on the Public side without being an owner on a particular Child Care Account. The person does need to create their own profile and login credentials for the district website. Having a login and using Quick Pay does not give the person access to the account (i.e. they can not make schedule changes, request drop-in care, view invoices, etc). Using Quick Pay will only allow access to make payments. Any details about the amount that needs to be paid or the invoice balance due should be provided by the account owner.

    In order to use Quick Pay, the person would need the following:

    • Personal login credentials to the district website
    • Child Care Program Name
    • Child Care Account Number
    • Student's Last Name

    For security reasons, if the payer does not have the required information, it is recommended that they contact the account owner to obtain it.

    When the payer is logged into the Public side using their email address and password, they can access Quick Pay by selecting Explore All Programs then the Program name. Quick Pay will be displayed in the from the explore bar. If using a mobile device, it is accessed by selecting the Menu (with the compass icon) on the left then Explore Programs. Next, select the Program name then Quick Pay from the explore bar.

    Once Quick Pay is selected, a screen similar to the one below is displayed. When the person has entered the Child Care Account number and child's last name and selects Continue, a field to enter the desired amount will be displayed followed by the normal checkout screens. The payment will automatically be applied to that specific Child Care Account and the Program that was originally selected from the browse bar. A receipt is automatically emailed to the payer. The receipts for any payments can also be found online under the Your History section.

  • EdVenture Club 2.4: How do I update the saved payment method used for EdVenture Club automatic payments?

    CLICK HERE to view or modify the saved payment method(s) associated with your 728 Community Education EdVenture Club Eleyo account. 

  • EdVenture Club 2.5: Are credits given for illness, absences or inclement weather?

    Any cancellations made after the schedule change request deadline (11:59pm on Wednesday of the week prior to attendance week) are not refundable, regardless of circumstances. This includes illness, death in the family, family emergency, hospitalizations, etc.  

  • Due to planning and preparation cost, we are unable to provide refunds/credit for late cancellations, absence or inclement weather regardless of the reason why.
  • EdVenture Club 2.6: How do I get copies of my invoices?

    CLICK HERE to view invoices that have been created for your ISD 728 Community Education Eleyo account. 

  • EdVenture Club 2.7: Where do I find year-end tax summaries for EdVenture Club payments?

    If you have paid for child care or preschool over the course of the previous year, Eleyo automatically generates tax statements for each program you have enrolled in. These statements can be downloaded from your account dashboard and will become available after January 1st of each year.

    Note: The available tax statements include any payments for child care services. If you have enrolled in courses or ECFE you will need to print the receipts to submit for your taxes.

    To download your child care tax statements:

    1. Navigate to your program's Eleyo site and click Sign In.
    The Sign In page is displayed.
    2. Sign into your account.
    Your Dashboard is displayed.
    3. Under "Your Accounts" select the desired Child Care Account.


    The child care contract page is displayed.
    4. Under "Account Management", click Download Tax Information.
    The Tax Statements screen is displayed.
    5. Select the statement of the year you would like to view.
    The PDF is downloaded to your computer.

    Note: If you have multiple child care accounts, you must complete the steps above for each account.

    All payments on the tax statements are categorized by the payer.

    Receipts and invoices can be downloaded from the "Your History" section online. Receipts are only visible to the person that made the specific payment (not by all account owners).

  • EdVenture Club 2.8: How do I opt out of automatic payments?

    CLICK HERE to view and modify saved payment methods associated with your ISD 728 Community Education Eleyo account. To opt out of EdVenture Club automatic payments, click Modify and un-check the box for Automatic Payments for Edventure Club. NOTE: If you opt out of automatic payments, you will be responsible for logging in each week and submitting payments manually. Manual payments can be submitted after the week's invoice is created by office staff (by 5:00pm on Thursday of the week prior to attendance). Manual payments are due by 6:00pm on Friday of the week before scheduled attendance. 

  • EdVenture Club 2.9: What are the policies for the County Childcare Assistance Program?

    If you receive County Childcare Assistance(CCAP), the EdVenture Club office must receive an official "Notice of Decision" document from the county before your child may begin to attend. If financial assistance is cancelled, you will be responsible for all expenses incurred. If you receive financial assistance, you assume responsibility for fulfilling county requirements, including providing information and childcare schedules, submitting timely reports and making payments not covered by the financial assistance program. An alternative schedule for invoicing and payments will apply for families receiving County Childcare Assistance. You will be provided with a payment schedule prior to the start of school. 

  • EdVenture Club 3.0: How do we set up a dual household account?

    Once you've created your childcare account, additional account holders may be added to the account by request. This is a convenient option for dual household families but must be approved by both parties. Each account holder will have their own password to access the account.   Both account holders may enroll in automatic payments for weekly fees.

    To add an additional account holder, the added person needs to:

    1. Create an account at this LINK.
    2. They will receive an email to verify their email. Click "Verify Your Email."
    3. After logging in, click Saved Payment Methods at the bottom of the ISD 728 Community Education Eleyo homepage.
    4. BOTH account holders must email the EdVenture Club office at and agree to the shared account. If you are both interested in automatic payments, also include in the email your payment arrangement (50/50, 60/40, etc.). Once confirmation from both parents is received, the EdVenture Club office will set up the childcare account for dual household management. 
    5. To add an additional account holder, please complete the following steps:
  • EdVenture Club 3.1: How do I manage the list of persons authorized to pick up my child?

    CLICK HERE to manage authorized pickups from your EdVenture Club dashboard. 

  • EdVenture Club 4.0: Where is EdVenture Club located?

    GRADES K-5


    • Zimmerman Elementary
    • Westwood Elementary (after school care attends ZES; no Non-School Day care)

    Elk River

    • Lincoln Elementary (no Non-School Day care)
    • Meadowvale Elementary
    • Parker Elementary
    • Twin Lakes Elementary

    GRADES K-4


    • Otsego Elementary
    • Prairie View Elementary 


    • Hassan Elementary
    • Rogers Elementary


    • Zimmerman Elementary
    • The Handke Center (Elk River)
    • Otsego Elementary 
    • Prairie View Elementary  
    • Rogers Elementary
  • EdVenture Club 4.1: What are the EdVenture Club hours?

    • Grades K-4, before school: 6:00am to school start time. K-4 for Otsego, Hassan, Rogers and PrairieView, K-5 for all other locations. 
    • Grades K-4, after school: school end time to 6:00pm  K-4 for Otsego, Hassan, Rogers and PrairieView, K-5 for all other locations.
    • Grades K-5, Non-School Day care: 6:00am-6:00pm
      • Some locations may consolidate in cases of low enrollment or staffing shortage.
    • EdVenture Club-Pre K, Discovery Learning (time blocks around preschool class time)
    • Time blocks for PreK are +/- 30 minutes
      • 7:00-9:15am for before AM class
      • 3:15-5:30pm for after PM class
      • 7:00am-1:15pm for before PM class
      • 11:15am-5:30pm for after AM class
      • 7:00am-5:30pm for non-class days and Non-School Day care
  • EdVenture Club 4.2: What are pick-up and drop-off procedures?

    You or another authorized person must use your family’s assigned On-Site Security Code and the iPad at your child’s site to sign your child in and out of EdVenture Club each day. Your On-Site Security Code will be provided in your confirmation email and can also be found in your childcare account (CLICK HERE). It is your responsibility to share your family’s On-Site Security Code with all other persons authorized to sign your child in and out of EdVenture Club.

    Your child will not be allowed to check themselves in or out of EdVenture Club.

    Only legal-age adults (18 or older) will be permitted to pick up or drop off your child. Some exceptions may apply; please contact the EdVenture Club Central office for explanation. You and other authorized persons may be asked to show identification before your child will be released from EdVenture Club’s care. Please do not take offense to this measure; it is instituted for the safety of all. It is your responsibility to maintain the list of people authorized to pick up your child. This list can be managed through your online Eleyo account. EdVenture Club cannot restrict a parent from picking up their own child/children. It is your responsibility to provide the EdVenture Club office with documentation of court orders that restrict named individual(s) from picking up your child. This documentation must include start and expiration dates.

  • EdVenture Club 4.3: What are the policies for personal belongings and electronic devices?

    Any item that disrupts the learning environment, including electronic devices and cell phones, will not be tolerated and may be confiscated. The first time this occurs, an item may be returned to your child at the end of the program session. Repeated offenses may result in the items(s) being returned to parents only.

    Electronic devices are easily stolen and rarely recovered. EdVenture Club cannot be held liable for lost or stolen items and has no responsibility to provide a secure location for such items or to provide assistance if these items are lost or stolen. All personal items must be labeled with your child’s name.
  • EdVenture Club 4.4: Do I need to notify EdVenture Club if my child will miss a regularly scheduled day of childcare?

    If your child is going to be absent, please notify the EdVenture Club office and your child’s EdVenture Club site. Failure to notify the appropriate staff of your child’s absence from after school care will result in lost-child procedures with local authorities. Your site contact number can be found in the confirmation emails you receive after your schedule has been approved as well as the last page of the policy handbook (Grades K-5 & EdVenture Club-Discovery Learning).

    Business cards with email and phone number can be found at each of our site locations for easy reference.

  • EdVenture Club 4.5: What if I am unable to pick up my child by the program closing time?

    Please make every effort to pick up your child by the closing time. If an emergency delays you and you are going to be late picking up your child, make plans for someone you have designated as an Authorized Pickup person to pick up your child on time and call the program staff immediately. Beginning at 6 minutes after closing time, a Late Pick-Up fee of $1 per minute will be applied to your childcare account. 

    Chronic late pick-ups or extreme lateness can result in other penalties, including exclusion from the program.

  • EdVenture Club 4.6: Will my child have a snack at EdVenture Club?

    A snack and juice is provided daily during each before school and after school program period. Students attending EdVenture-Club Discovery Learning will receive a morning and afternoon snack. If your child will be participating in the school breakfast program please notify your site lead.

  • EdVenture Club 4.8: How will I be notified of program updates?

    Site staff members will greet you and inform you of any specific notes related to your student and their experiences that day (behavior, questions, etc.). Please watch for emails, handouts at the site, display board signage or other information that may be sent home with your student or mailed to your home. Emails will be sent to the address on your childcare account. Our intent is to keep you up-to-date about program changes, program needs and account information.

  • EdVenture Club 4.9: What are the policies for visitors?

    Visitors are not being accepted at EdVenture Club. 

  • EdVenture Club 5.0: How does EdVenture Club manage food allergies?

    Food allergies can be life-threatening. The risk of accidental exposure to foods can be reduced in the EdVenture Club setting if parents and physicians work with EdVenture Club staff to minimize risks and provide a safe environment for students with food allergies. “Safe Eating Zones” practices will be used, as needed, in the cafeteria. For example, we will try to encourage students with food allergies to sit in a specific area and we will try to monitor students’ lunches next to and across from that student. We encourage you to note ALL allergies when registering for EdVenture Club and keep the EdVenture Club office informed of any changes in your child's needs. 

  • EdVenture Club 5.1: What are the policies for medications my child needs during EdVenture Club?

    Medications that are necessary during the course of the day must be sent in a current prescription bottle with the doctor’s directions printed on it. Only designated staff will have access and authority to administer the medications and will only give the dosages as printed on the label. Completion of a “Medications Form” is also required and must be turned in to the office or site. A health policy guideline is available upon request.

  • EdVenture Club 5.2: What are the policies for illness or injuries?

    In the event of illness or injury, every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s). If we are unable to reach the parent/guardian, we will then contact those listed as emergency contacts in your child’s account. If the illness or injury is deemed more extensive, emergency treatment will be sought by calling 911, and, if transport is required, the student may be accompanied by a staff member to the nearest emergency facility.

  • EdVenture Club 5.3: What are the policies for toilet training?

    Your child must be fully toilet-trained in order to attend the program. We are unable to physically change diapers due to student contact rules. Your child will be allowed to use a “Pull-Up” only during nap time and only if they are able to put it on and take it off without assistance.

  • EdVenture Club 6.0: What are the policies for inclement weather?

    The following policies are in place to ensure the safety of your child(ren) and our staff. Please note that it may be necessary to have back-up care in the event that EdVenture Club is closed. In the event that the weather conditions force ISD 728 schools to close, EdVenture Club sites will be closed. If schools declare a late start, sites will open at 8am. If schools dismiss early, sites will also be closed the remainder of the day. In the event that weather conditions worsen or are declared dangerous once students are at EdVenture Club, we may be forced to close early. If this occurs, parents or guardians will be called to pick up their students. If there is inclement weather on a day of scheduled Non-School Day care, EdVenture Club sites may be closed, have a late start, or an early dismissal. No refunds will be given for weather-related closures. 
  • EdVenture Club 7.0: What are the policies for discipline and dismissal?

    RULES AND DISCIPLINE The general rules and expectations will be covered with the students. Discipline will be handled by the class instructors and Site Leaders in a fair and respectful manner. The following steps are used:
    • Inform the student of any inappropriate behavior and give them a warning. Remind them what behavior is expected.
    • At the time of the second occurrence, redirection within the activity may be given (cumulative throughout the day).
    • If the behavior continues, the student will be asked to leave the activity and will spend time with the Site Leader or childcare staff.
    • When warranted, the student may work through a written Discipline Form with the Site Leader(s).
    • Parental contact (if necessary) will be made either at the time of student pick-up or by telephone.
    See list of rules posted at the site for students and parents. In cases where a student is removed for a week, a day or partial day, refund is at the discretion of the Program Manager. DISMISSAL POLICY For serious and/or repeated behavior concerns, it may become necessary for a student to be removed from our program. If a student is having trouble being successful in the program, this may not be the best setting for that student. Since we are concerned with the well-being and safety of a large group of students, we need to consider what is best for all of them. Therefore, any of the following behaviors may be brought to the attention of ISD 728 administration and the District’s Police Liaison:
    • Verbal behavior – includes the use of curse words, harmful put-downs, name-calling, disrespect for others, racist or sexist language.
    • Physical violence against others – includes hitting, pushing, kicking, wrestling, biting, pinching, throwing objects at others or property.
    • Sexual behaviors – includes showing private parts, negative words about sexuality, inappropriate touching of self, students or staff.
    • Threatening behaviors – includes use of threats to do damage or harm to any other person(s) in the school or program, and/or threats of bringing or using a weapon at the program.
    Depending on the severity of the conduct, immediate removal from the program may be warranted, and will be at the discretion of the Program Manager with input from the program staff. Parents/Guardians will be called to immediately pick up their student from the program site, and will be given the reason for the student’s leave of absence from the program and the length of the leave or dismissal. Refund will be at the discretion of the Program Manager. 
  • EdVenture Club 7.2: What is the "No contact policy?"

    No Contact Policy EdVenture Club child care staff are not allowed to physically handle children in our care. 

    • Sunscreen/Bug Spray: You may send sunscreen and/or bug spray with your child. Please note that by sending sunscreen or bug spray with your child, you are giving permission for these products to be sprayed either by the child or a staff at the site (if needed). If you choose to send a lotion, your child must apply it themselves. Please clearly label the sunscreen and/or bug spray with your child's first and last name. We also recommend ching the expiration dates of the products. 
    • Toileting: All children in the program must be toilet trained and be able to toilet themselves independently. Staff are not allowed to assist with toileting.
  • EdVenture Club 7.3 Where do I find the EdVenture Club Policy Handbook?

    2024 EdVenture Club-Summer Parent Policy Booklet CLICK HERE

    2024 EdVenture Club/DL Pre K-Summer Parent Policy Booklet  CLICKHERE 

  • EdVenture Club 7.4 Summer Field Trips 2024


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